Friday, May 16, 2008

Nieces and Nephews at dinner

I was just looking through the pictures on my camera tonight and I found some pictures of my nieces and nephew (Matt and April's kids) so I thought I would share. Eventually I will get some pictures of Jacob and I on here, but until then you will just have to live with these cuties.

Sabrina was just a little grouchy and did not want her picture taken so she decided to act like she was mad so we wouldn't take any pictures, but we did anyway, which frustrated her more...

Okay, so Ethan didn't really blow all those bubbles with his nose...

Classic Samantha smile. Can't ever get her to smile normal when you want to take a picture, she has to make it the biggest smile ever. So cute.

Jean Quilt/ Summer Job

So I decided about 3 months ago that I wanted to make a jean quilt... so I cut up all of the worn out pants that Jacob and I have and put them in a drawer... Then I went visiting teaching a few weeks later and mentioned I was making a jean blanket and the girl I was visiting went into her office and pulled out a stack of jean squares that were extra from her jean quilt so she gave them to me... but I still did not have enough so they went into the drawer too. I still don't have enough, but yesterday I sewed what I do have with my mother-in-law's amazing serger. She bought it a year ago and has not used it yet, so I was the one that got to figure it out, but it did not take that long and the back of the quilt is just beautiful and it was so fast! I got this whole square (it barely covers our queen size bed) done in less than 4 hours. All I have to do now is find a king size sheet for the back, some fabric for a border around the edge to make it big enough and sew the rest of it together. The dark blue border on the pic is actually some valances that Cheryl (my mother in law) bought for Jacob's room to decorate it just before his mission, but it never got put up. I was thinking about using that for the edging, but it just would not be very comfortable with all those buttons, but I thought it would make some really cute throw pillows. Any suggestions?

For all of you who are interested, I finally found a job (at a daycare)... I went in today to "observe" and hopefully today was really just a random day because they were all so wild and did not listen to the teachers... Boy am I in for a treat this summer! They are talking about splitting the kids up into two classes of 15 max, but right now there is about 30 kids in there (4 year olds). They also have a dress code, so I had to go shopping for khaki pants... I hate shopping for pants. So I went to the Fiesta Mall and started at Sears with no luck. I was getting tired so I walked to the food court and bought myself a strawberry smoothie (don't tell) and then decided to try the Dillards clearance racks and I actually found a couple of pairs fairly quickly (only tried on 6 and liked 3 of them) and they were only $20 each so I bought two of them and then as I was walking out to go home I decided to get my make-up done, since I don't spend time on it myself. It was quite fun. Too bad I can't go in every day to get it done, then I would actually wear a little bit of makeup! Anyway, that's all of my fun stories for now. Love you all!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Grades are in

I am completely excited right now!!! All of my grades have been reported and I actually got a 4.0 this semester! I thought all hope of that was lost when I bombed my Calculus final (I got a 43% on it) but with the help of some very needed extra credit I was able to barely get in the A- range. I got A's in two of my other classes and an A+ in the fourth class which basically cancelled out the A- to an A. Hopefully next semester will go just as well and I can raise my gpa the .05 I need to get summa cum laude for graduation (3.8)! Anyway, I thought I would share my exciting news with everyone (maybe it is only exciting for me). Hope you are all doing well!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

School is OUT!!!

I just took my last finals today. Hooray! ...but I did not do so well on one of them. For some reason my mind completely blanked on notation. I knew the point I was trying to get across, but I had no idea how to write it correctly. I am guessing (on the high end) that I got about 30% on the test... But at least I had nearly 100% before the test, so I will probably still have a B in the class which is not too bad, but that only makes it worse because I was doing so well and the last day to have it go from a great grade, to an okay grade. My other finals went really well though, I will be surprised if I don't get A's in all of the rest of my classes.

Jacob still has a couple weeks of school for this term and then it is straight into another term and he will finally have a week break in the beginning of July which will be great. Hopefully he can hang in there until his program ends next May, but he is having a tough time with things.

Hope you are all doing well, and hopefully I will post again soon with news of a summer job!