Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to Everyone!!!

So, I thought I would share with everyone the present I gave to my Dad this morning. Picture this... A card on top of a box...



And then, inside the box he comes upon these cards...

And then, at the very bottom of the box, he gets these....

For those of you who don't know.... #20 for my parents is # of grandchildren... :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hooray! Freedom!

So I finished my last final on Tuesday and did exactly as well as I thought I would. It brought me to a C+ for the class. I ended up with a B+ in my teaching methods class, and still have not heard about the other three classes, but I know that two of them will be A's.

Today I dropped by the school that I will be student teaching at next semester and got the textbooks for the two math classes I will be teaching. Lucky for me, they changed my mentor teacher's class schedule so now he has 2 typing classes, 1 computer animations class, 1 advanced 7th grade math and 1 first semester 9th grade Algebra. That means that I only have to plan lessons for two classes!!! The other three I get to follow the curriculum he already has set because that is not my area of emphasis. Gotta love how they do that.

Hooray for Christmas and trips up north! See ya all after (while) I have tons of fun in Snowflake!!! **in case you were dying to know I am heading up Christmas Eve afternoon and staying until I don't know when, probably whenever I feel like coming home.

Monday, December 15, 2008

So done with School

Ok, so I have this issue with finals this semester (I only have two of them), but it seems that I have run out of steam for school and I do not really care any more. You know how I was always the one that had to get the A+, and sometimes had to settle for an A or A-, well these past couple weeks I have decided that for these two specific classes, I really don't care if I get a B or a C (Oh shocker, I know!).... The only thing I was concerned about, but only slightly, was making sure that I still graduated with honors. I have to have something to show for all my hard work. Anyway, after a couple quick mathematical calculations including my projected A's for three of my classes, I realized that I only have to have a D in these two classes to get the GPA for Summa Cum Laude for graduation next semester, but I have to have C's to actually graduate so no lower. Added to that I only have to get a 54% on my project that was due this morning (and was turned in late :0...) to get a B in the class... and only a 20% on my final tomorrow for a C in that class (60% for a B). SO.... I decided that I am way okay with failing my last ever final exams and still getting my honors at graduation.

Senioritis. Gotta love it.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Which Disney Princess Are You?

You Are Jasmine!

Independent and adventurous. You don't want much; just to break out of the guilded cage society has put you in and experience life to the fullest. Following orders isn't really one of your strong points, and you would rather live a life of poverty than being forced into something that you hate.
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