Monday, October 27, 2008

Opening Doors

It is amazing to me how the little things people do to help each other often go unnoticed. I am sitting here in a computer lab at ASU and I was looking toward the door and saw a man open the door to walk in to the hallway, and a woman was leaving the hall at about the same time so he waited and held the door open for her. I don't know why this particular incident struck me as I have seen it happen so many other times, but it made me think of how much better I can be at doing all those little things. If I could just learn to love everyone just a little bit more and see everyone as a Child of God and the respect that is due to everyone just because of that then doing all of the little things to help people throughout the day would be so much easier. I guess just seeing that made me realize that that is the kind of person that I want to be more like. If only everyone be a little more like that, the world would be such a better place.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

X-Rays Anyone?

As a precursor, I think these are cool but to some they may be a bit graphic so be warned. I personally did not take these images but are severe cases that I have found throughout the internet. Fortunately, I do not get this much of trauma cases where I am at the Baywood hospital.

This one was from a domestic violence incident where a 12cm nail was used.

This one shows why they have the recall on the magnetix(I think that's what they're called). A boy swallowed the pieces and they reconnected before they could pass through.

This one is a result of a patient coming in complaining about a toothache and surprise! Those construction workers shouldn't play with nail guns.

And for the last one, this is a more recent case from Britain where a teen was assaulted, the stock was broken off.

Although I do get some interesting x-rays that come in through the ER, some are a bit too strange to be able to post. Anywho, hoped you have enjoyed a bit of these interesting cases.