Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Holy Hannah it has been awhile...

Well, about a million things have happened since my last post.  Most importantly:

- We had baby #2 (Alyssa) last March.
- We are expecting baby #3 this October... :)

Oh yeah, and we have worked and worked and worked on the house.  We now have a brand new sprinkler system in our back yard, just need to hook up the timer and off we are to a yard full of grass!!!! (Well half full - the other half is composed of our two gardens and our massive storage shed. 

What can I say about Alyssa?... She was a smaller baby than Jessica, so a much easier delivery (5 minutes of pushing instead of an hour, literally).  She definitely has attitude, and knows how to scream at Jessica when Jess does something she doesn't like.  She just started walking two weeks ago, on Feb 21st (while I was at Relief Society and Jacob was at home with her and she also stood up in the middle of the room that night too... I was so happy that he got to see those major milestones!)  She can say mama, and just figured out the "d" sound today, so hopefully that will turn in to dada soon.  She signs a few words: all done, yes, thank you, please (only sometimes).  She loves to watch big sister signing, and tries to mimic anything we sign to her.

Jessica has progressed majorly in the past year and a half.  She now has well over 100, possibly 200 signs she knows.  I am not even going to try to name them all.  (anything on baby signing time, and several of the signing time videos she totally has down and then a few)  Jessica LOVES to sign, so I have been considering buying the Signing Time videos instead of just getting them from the library, but have you seen how much they cost?!!  I did find a MUCH cheaper set, but we have spent a lot of money recently (mostly with the new Van in preparation for #3)  We have been attempting to potty train since last Christmas, but not really seriously until this past Christmas.  She was doing really good for awhile, but then she decided to have accidents nearly every time, so I decided to stick her back in diapers because I was tired of having 5 pairs of dirty clothes in the bathtub that I was rinsing/drip drying each day. 

More to come later :)

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Donene said...

It has been awhile! It is good that you are still out there! Glad to hear about your family!